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50 Things I Love

In no particular order, I wanted to list things that I love. It's to my benefit to look at what works, what is good in life, what i want more of in order to work towards a life worth living. Being grateful about what truly makes you happy just makes me appreciate them even more. Looking back at this will be a coping tool and a reminder of what makes life so beautiful for me. It might also give me more of a sense of self. It's hard with DID to know who I am, not as a whole but as the host, one part of your whole self. It's hard to find exactly who I am at the host other than a master orchestrator, mediator and manager of different parts, it seems. Lists like this makes it easier to understand myself better, I'm working on finding who I am and what exactly I love about life.

Here goes nothing, here's my ray of positivity, my gratefulness activity.

Do we have much in common? I'd love to know.

1 Nurturing house plants

2 Deep conversations

3 Great headphones

4 Finger painting

5 Peanut butter

6 Good, entrancing music

7 River rocks

8 Art making

9 Beautiful sunrises

10 The sensation when raindrops fall directly on my finger tips

11 Dimmed lighting

12 A good hat

13 Breakthroughs in therapy

14 Writing

15 Mountain imagery

16 Journaling

17 Making playlists

18 Coffee

19 Listening to an interesting podcast

20 Crystals

21 Getting absorbed in a video game

22 Drawing

23 Nature walks

24 Smell of sage

25 Graphic design

26 Speaking my truth

27 Deep friendships

28 Mornings

29 Summer breeze

30 Forests

31 Sugar cookies

32 Animals (they're all cute)

33 Table top / board games

34 Clear night skies

35 Fresh hair cuts

36 Listening to a relatable playlist

37 Cutting out freshly laminated paper

38 Soft and cozy blankets

39 Bouncy balls

40 Lime green

41 Daisies

42 Stickers

43 Candy

44 Baggy sweaters

45 Marijuana

46 Sticking your hand is a bag of rice/beans/beads

47 Chai tea

48 Crocheting

49 Children's books

50 A sense of community


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