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Mysterious, Stoic, Emotionless Ed. Parasympathetic nervous system and how it reacts? Fight flight all that jazz, yeah when I completely freeze, Ed steps in. I have most amnesia when he fronts. I remember he fronted on one of our overnight visits at the emergency room. The emergency room doctor said something to us like : "You're Kevin, You don't look like a Kevin" I shut down completely and then Ed came to my rescue. He is quiet, reserved but snaps when he wants to get his message across. Ed is ageless, genderless, robotic... he is an artificial intelligence robot from the future I'm sure. We don't know exactly where he's from but he's here to help us all when we need it. He watches, he watches and protects. Especially when emotions are just too much for Kevin. Before we understood him, we were all frightened. He came to me first as a figure with a trench coat and a hat who lurked in the shadows of the headspace. He fronts only particularly when Kevin, or the system is at risk. At first, I was like who is this presence that just watches. It scared the kids, it scared Bree, it scared us all. After knowing how much he protects and has helped in ways that I really don't know how else i could have, I'm thankful. A robotic replica of me to the outside word. He is good at "playing" Kevin. He made art, expressive self portraits of himself here. In "real life" he looks like me but a robot. In the head space, he always looks like this: inspector gadget, tin man from the future with glowing white eyes. He likes making patterns in his art if they aren't self portraits. Oh robotic watcher, Ed.


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