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Oh Bree, we've had a rough go. Being the first part I discovered, I have had a lot of feelings towards her. But now, I notice that, like everyone, she has been helpful in her own way to protect me. Bree is Jennifer and Mouse's (my kid alters') mom. She's the same age as the body, 25. She is a woman who's busy taking care of her kids but after hours, when they are sleeping is a bit of a party animal. She likes dressing in feminine clothes and getting attention, for lack of better words. She exudes confidence and probably is the most comfortable in our body. "I look/smell/feel like a snack" - her famous phrase within our system which describes her very well.

I realised that she took over sexual situations for most of my life. She is more body positive than I am and doesn't feel gender dysphoria. For a long time, before my discovery of different parts, because she was so prominent in romantic and sexual relationships, I was battling a lot with my gender and what it meant if "I" (Bree) wanted to be extremely feminine with partners but then later, I would feel like myself and didn't want the same things as Bree, at all. We fought internally and with partners because we didn't know what was going on.

These days, Bree doesn't come out as much but when she does, we have understandings around fronting too much around our current partner. Our partner knows to ask or she disclaims that it's her not to mix her wishes and boundaries with mine. She likes to dress up in her feminine clothes, we have set up a bin with her things in it so she can front with ease and feels like she belongs here, despite our differences in... well seems like most things.

Bree drew herself here in her favourite top. She has bangs and likes long hair. For now tho, since we have short hair, as she says: "I work with what I've got"


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