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Some time ago we discovered Drew, another alter of our system. At first he was shy and scared. A young guy who we didn't know anything about although we later found out that he knew a lot about us. He had been watching us for some time. Hiding. He was scared to tell us anything. We met him in therapy. He came out co con with myself and Cole. Drew instantly attaches himself to Cole through common interest (Cole's internal computer)

Later that week, I started Internal landscaping (which i will describe more thoroughly in another post.) That means as a system, we created a safe space, internally. On that particular day we sat in an area of our internal safe space during a meditation. We sat all together and Drew told us all about himself. He is between 10 and 15. (age slide) and he likes the idea of making toys. 3D printing, silicone mould making and resin pouring. He has long shaggy hair and likes pop punk music. We figure now he is VAGUELY like Cole and Daniel mixed together in temperament and personality but younger. Interests vary.

These days we find Cole Drew and Daniel hanging out a lot. They co front, they have a mutual playlist. I've found Drew helping the younger parts, Jennifer and Mouse complete tasks and drawing with them.

Drew has become part of the gang.


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