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Alters, musically explained

We've selected 3 songs each to represent ourselves as well as an explanation on why those songs "fit". Here is the spotify playlist link:


The Way I Am - Charlie Puth

Looking Back - DROELOE

Numb - Fwlr, Che'Nelle

Kevin, the host, the orchestrator the manager, the mediator. Kevin is super proud of their mental illness, wears them with pride and is the one who battles the most with a variety of mental illness. The Way I Am - Charlie Puth is their anthem for that reason. Looking Back - DROELOE is a song that resonates a lot, probably because it reminds them of the discovery of their protector parts, being put down then rising up with their parts. They disassociate and self medicate a lot, that's why Numb - Fwlr, Che'Nelle is so fitting for Kevin.


How to Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds

What I Need - Hayley Kiyoko, Kehlani

Team - Kewella

Bree is an ultra feminine part. She almost exclusively likes female fronted bands, mostly pop. She likes to feel like she doesn't need anyone and that she is "an independent woman who doesn't need no man (or woman, or other) " How to Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds explains that sentiment. She is non-monogamous/polyamorous however, she is very attached to people What I Need - Hayley Kiyoko, Kehlani explains that feeling that Bree gets towards her partners. She likes attention, she really does. Team - Kewella explains her independence too. She is a protector in a way that she doesn't like people to "waste her time".


Walking On The Moon - Infected Mushroom

Rage Valley - Knife Party

Destruction - Joywave

I would describe Ed as being one of our biggest protectors, He's to the point, can be seen as snappy but also they are very much a robotic version of Kevin. When Ed fronts, I feel it 100%. They are one of my parts that I am the least co conscious with. They take over and I feel the physical switching signs pretty hard and I'm gone. Walking On The Moon - Infected Mushroom encapsulates that feeling of when we switch. Robotic switching. Ed, being and AI (artificial intelligence), has no feelings but protects me immensely. Both Rage Valley - Knife Party and Destruction - Joywave reflect that feeling, electronic and robotic. Ed rarely speaks internally, they just check up on us, but mostly Kevin. They do however speak minimally when needed to external people in order to protect. That's why both these last 2 songs don't have lyrics or very few.

Jennifer and Mouse:

Oh Child - Robin Schulz

D.A.N.C.E - Justice

I'm A Believer - Smash Mouth

Jennifer is 6 years old and Mouse is 3 years old and they are absolute sweet hearts. The children alters like to feel internal validation for all of us. They need a lot of care and attention. Oh Child - Robin Schulz expresses to them that they're ok. These two are big energies, they are often bouncing or dancing. They like D.A.N.C.E - Justice for that reason. I'm A Believer - Smash Mouth holds only happiness and joy. They like to dance, finger paint, make collaborative artworks together to this song, often.


Hold On - Slushii

Miss You - Fox Stevenson

Anywhere You Go - Nervo (MRVLZ Remix)

Cole is a sensitive 17 year old boy. He really likes being helpful, a people pleaser. He likes to Kevin the most. Helping them with effective coping skills. He usually sits in the right hand side of the headspace listening to music and occasionally chip in his very quiet suggestions. He likes people deeply when he gets to know them but he has a hard time because of his social anxiety. He likes to focus on video games, helping Kevin with art projects and to make his own art. Hold On - Slushii is about how he wants friends. He is way too shy and anxious to make them. He has one external friend and internal, he is easy to get along with but is seen as awkward. Miss You - Fox Stevenson shows his sensitivity. He is empathetic to Kevin's pain. He finds it tricky to separate himself and his own feelings from Kevin's he likes to soothe us. Anywhere You Go - Nervo (MRVLZ Remix) shows that he is almost always listening to everything. He is dedicates to help Kevin through anything. He cares about Kevin and looks up to them.


I Don't Give A... - MISSIO, Zeale

Rockstar - Post Malone, 21 Savage

Best In The West - Lets Be Friends

Daniel is an interesting character. He holds our most aggressive and angry emotions. (No he's not dangerous) he's rough around the edges. I Don't Give A... - MISSIO, Zeale encapsulate his personality and attitude. He doesn't take anything from anyone, he speaks up for us a lot since most of us are very very passive. He also has problems with over doing substances like myself and sometimes Bree. He likes strong music that make him feel powerful and reflect his life style and thoughts. Rockstar - Post Malone, 21 Savage is one of his favourite songs for that reason. Daniel has a lot of confidence unlike most of us (except for Bree at times). I've never not seen him confident about himself. Maybe a bit arrogant and can come off as rude. Most of the time he isn't coming off as rude, he is rude but he is one of our biggest protectors. Best In The West - Lets Be Friends totally reflects that attitude.


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