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I've been making good progress lately. My parts haven't left me chaos, haven't left me to pick up pieces. I've been putting many things in place such as a self care chart where we check off self care things we've done daily and it gives us an idea of what hasn't been done in a while and what has. Example: meds, shower, meditation, journaling. Things that need to be done often in order to at least give me a chance to feel better. As we as to do lists for the day or for weekends. What we'd like to accomplish or focus on today. The boxes have been checked more than not lately.

Not only has all my parts not been destructive of my life worth living goals, they have been helping out. I have been very happy that they have been cooperative, they take initiative to help me, themselves and each other. It's nowhere close to perfect but we are doing work. Since our therapist is out of the country for an undefinable amount of time, we've decided to try and continue and heal ourselves while she was gone. Keep up the work. Recovery doesn't only happen in her office, it happens daily. I decided that this was a great opportunity to thank my alters. I really appreciate their efforts

I drew this over 3 times. I drew the rocket first, I felt like it felt like we were going places, a good team to fly this rocket into space, get to our destinations. I don't remember much about the alien, I don't know who added on to it last night. This morning (I always check my sketch book to see if something new appeared or if i have vague memories of something) I found it. It left me a perfect space to write my thank yous.

I think this is a great activity, even if you are not living with multiplicity, being grateful for yourself and congratulating your efforts! Try it yourself. What are you grateful for? What have you done that you tried? What have you succeeded to do? Have you reached a goal lately?

I'd love to know.


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