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Daniel is an interesting, angry, character. He is 25 (host age), he identifies as male and as hetero flexible. Meaning that he mostly likes girls but is open to other genders. Flexible with his sexuality but is mostly into women. He is the one that holds a lot of anger, that stands up for most other parts. He is often rude but always straight to the point. He looks after Bree mainly. Daniel and Bree are dating. So he feels the need to take care of her since she usually has a lot of her plate. He is a bit self destructive in the sense that he comes out to snap at people who've hurt us often, especially if they've hurt Bree. He doesn't hold any trauma, he is angry that it happened to other parts. He also struggles with substance abuse almost every time he fronts as well as self harm on the rare occasion. He's into a variety of music. The main criteria for his musical taste would be powerful. He likes powerful electronic, heavy rock and alternative, as well as some rap. His signature clothes is baggy shirts and pants, he likes our winter boot and wearing backwards snap back hats. He really isn't afraid of people, he's confrontational which i mean, hasn't helped our situation in the past. We've tried to work on doing that and letting him express himself in journal or art form. He doesn't do too much art but he does write frustrations often when he fronts.


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