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#DIDAwarenessDay 2019

I created pieces that spoke my truth on March 5th which is DID awareness day.

I compiled my activity online that day:

I was approached by the makers of Five Piece (2018) @FivePieceMovie (On any platforms) to watch their movie. Five Piece is a indie film where the main character, lives with DID. I felt honoured that they personally asked me to watch the film. It was free (password protected) on Vimeo for 24hrs on march 5th, in honour of DID Awareness day. Don't worry, no spoilers on plot lines ahead. however, I might spoil the representation of DID in the film, fair warning. But here are my thoughts:

Mental health representation is important and I think this film rang true. However, I have thoughts. I think that it head the head on the nail. Not only does it represent DID (with an artistic license of course) but it's a visually beautiful film. Although this movie revolves around music and Brandon, the main character's music career, music and audio is, I would say, not as important as the video. Literally all in the eyes and mannerisms, I could easily tell who was who. Phenomenal. SPOILERS: I will nit pick one alter and his behaviours. The persecutor alter, I don't feel like that was 100% accurate. Although i appreciate that Abraham didn't prey on a child, because someone with DID, as an adult would never hurt kids. However, having him be violent, I don't think is extremely accurate. In my opinion, his anger would probably be projected onto the body or other alters. Self sabotage would probably be something that would be more accurate. I understand that being violent with that person was self sabotage but If it were me, It wouldn't of been like that. HOWEVER this is a film, without that incident, the story wouldn't make sense, I understand that it's fiction. Having him repeat trauma happens, i have heard in some cases of people who have trauma, so I may be wrong. This is just my opinion. I overall enjoyed the films, although I had to take breaks, because it definitely was triggering. I also didn't want to switch and miss the movie because I wanted to watch it in its entirety. This is why we drew in our journal as we watched, Here are the results.

Here are my tweet poems we've written about DID on March 5th:

My therapist says to me:

Parts see what I do. All the time.

Rolemodeling for your parts

Benefits you.

Though to do.


But apparently happiness spills through.



Working hard

Peel layers with names

That protect the core

No I'm not the core

The soul, the sun.

We're orbiting around it together.

Intertwined by space and time

We create a whole solar system

collectively in comradery


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