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Halloween, trigger free.

I can understand and sympathise with folks with mental health problems, especially when it's trauma based, that Halloween is a trigger. However, that is not the case for me. Halloween has mostly been good for me. It's a holiday that doesn't involve family per-say. For me, it never involved extended family, where a lot of my trauma lies.

For me, I've never had terrible experiences on Halloween. As a kid, I liked the candy, the pumpkins, the costumes, most of them that my mother made for me. I liked being someone different. Sound familiar for someone living with DID? My parents, sister and I had really fun times on Halloween.

I'm an artist so even as a teen, I loved carving pumpkins. I always loved the creativity in the medium. I proceeded to carve one (almost) every year for the house even at 25 years old, I make sure to partake. It brings back feelings of joy, excitement and now I am aware that my littles (child parts/alters) are so so excited for the holiday as well.

As a teen as well as an adult, I don't like dressing up in costume. Probably because it draws attention, questions, i am afraid to look"weird" in a costume, or the anxiety of "will anyone get it" and even the thought of picking a costume, I can never make up my mind. Anyways, I don't like dressing up for Halloween but that's ok. I still enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Halloween- I don't have to work hard to take back because I'm it's the only major holiday that doesn't have my trauma written all over it.

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