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Inner System Relationships

Our system is very much related. Everyone at least has one connection to others. A lot of them are related, some of them are friends, some are more than friends. Here is the types of relationships that exist internally.

You can review a general information about who's who in this post (my very first one):

Without further ado, this is our family tree:

Mouse, our youngest found this piece of card that looked like a miniature presentation board. She asked for our help to create a family tree. As you can see, Mouse and Jennifer are siblings, their mom is Bree. Kevin is a father figure to the child alters. Bree is dating Daniel who hasn't met the kids however, they know about each other. Cole and Kevin have a brotherly/friendship relationship and Ed is a robotic version of Kevin.

Daniel and Bree - They have one of the strangest relationships in my opinion. They are dating. They rarely co-front for long but they talk about each other a lot. When they do co-front, there's a lot of back and forth flirting. (Which some times when Cole is there too, he is sex repulsed so he gets really uncomfortable.) Daniel takes care of Bree not always in the best way according to me but it's the only way that he knows how. When she is hurt, he sticks up for her.

Jennifer Mouse and Bree - They are our closest family members. Bree takes care of the children alters. She's their mom first, she loves them very much and has protected them from a lot. Jennifer and Mouse are close knit siblings, almost always together they create, they laugh and play together. They run to Bree in the headspace but also to me, Kevin, because they view me as a secondary parent. I'm often orchestrating the kids' outings and activities by co-fronting with them so that they can create art, which they love.

Ed and Kevin - Ed is almost an exact replica of Kevin just robotic, literally. He's an AI. He watches over me at my most extreme states and situations. I get the most physical sensations and symptoms when Ed is in. He doesn't usually co-front, he fronts by himself as a generalisation.

Kevin and Cole - Cole is Kevin's little helper, little brother but also they are friends. I'm not sure who helps who most but they have a symbiotic relationship. Kevin provides friendship and care and Cole provides tips and guidance for self care and in life/therapy skills that we've learnt along the years.

so that's that. Thanks for reading. Stay tunes for more pieces by us. :)


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