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Jennifer & Mouse

Meet my two art making machines: Jennifer 6 yrs old and Mouse 3 yrs old!

Jennifer and Mouse are close knit siblings. They enjoy being together as a general rule. They love Bree, their mom but they also love me, their father figure. They often create art together. Pictured above, they made all those things some with and some without my help to manage them while they create.

Jennifer is a bouncy ball of energy. Feeling feelings intensely. She likes to be very chatty once she trusts people. She is a loud child and speaks for her and her sister. Mouse is mute. I'm not sure if she CAN'T speak or if she chooses not to. She does write to us if she has to express anything or her sister, Jennifer speaks for the both of them. Even tho she doesn't speak, she is very expressive. Her presence isn't as strong and loud as Jennifer's but it still is none the less. She has crazy hair that's usually curly and a little bit everywhere. Mouse is left handed which makes art making with them together a chaotic fun mess. They sometimes can't take turns very well so they both have to be making at the same time. In that case, I have to tape down the paper and let them both make art. Sometimes I've got 2 pencils going, one in each hand because they are too excited to share and take turns. Once the kids meet my friends, they are very much attached to anyone who is nice to them. They particularly like one of my friends because she finger painted with them. (They created the first image above) along side that friend, while she created her own painting. Bellow is a picture I wanted to draw of Bree, Jennifer and Mouse and below that is Jennifer and Mouse playing in the rain. They begged me to draw them.


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