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Making shitty art, Intentionally

What deems art as good or bad? opinion. Subjective opinion. I find when we force ourselves, pressure ourselves that THIS is the good version or super high expectations for art, that it always turns into a flop, more times then not which turns into feeling low and untalented. Too focused on the product, not the process. How was the process of pressure and anxiety then defeat when you set the bar too high?

I found the perfect solution, no, not only a matter of perspective. It's a matter of intention, trusting the process. Which we firmly believe is even more important than the outcome when it comes to art making. If we, personally let ourselves make what ever comes out, which we often know is trashy art, or shitty art, or art that doesn't have the intention of being beautiful and polished, I let all those emotions out. I not only get them out but it sometimes produces art work that surprises me. I mean yes, I make art that surprises me all the time. I have DID after all, I'm not always aware of the artwork the body is making until I'm back. that's often how we make art and parts get to express and communicate with each other that way. Point being sometimes when I let myself make the art that I NEED to make, not the art that I WANT to make. I may be surprised that its actually beautiful, sometimes I learn during the process, or I learn after interpreting my own artworks as art therapy. Journaling about what is interpreted or what it's about is helpful for those who have memory issues or gaps like we do. Sometimes, even if it's not the intention: I may be surprised that my "shitty" art in it's rawness (for us), is actually really beautiful display of emotion.

Here's some "shitty" art we've made that surprised us:

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