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Meet Cole

Cole protects me in a way that other parts do not. He is is a 17yr old softy and my main helper. Self care and DBT skills (Dilectical Behavioural Therapy, we attended a program for 7 months last year) are top of mind for Cole. He is a quiet presence and usually sits on the right side of the headspace, we most forgets he's there because he's mostly. He listens carefully, analyses the situation and quietly advises something positive or what they called positive skills in DBT; "effective" behaviour. A lot of times, if my head is clouded I might not hear him BUT he is there, suggesting. He is a good friend to me. Most of his decisions are made because he thinks it'll help me. When we co-front he likes to play a few video games with me or draw. Cole is the only one in my system who can hyper focus on a extreme level (for us). Once he deems something as helpful, and it usually is, he is focusing and trying the best he can it get it done. He likes to draw. He is into digital drawing and collage making, he is very tech savy like me and likes to use technology, for games, for music, for art making. Music wise he deffinately likes electronic music but a softer, more easy listening kind. He is fond of 2010-2013 electronic music: Madeon, Zedd, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson for example. He feels super anxious most of the time, especially around other external people. He has one main external friend and he's mostly ok with that. Cole is asexual, meaning he does not want or need sexual relationships. I'm not sure if he would be emotional invested in someone romantically but never sexually. We often compare Cole to a ghost. He's there and mostly so quiet all the time. Most don't remember he's there until he quietly chimes in or when we realise he's gone.

Kevin drew a picture of Cole

Here is Cole's ever growing playlist/music dump:

Here is some art made by Cole recently:


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