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I love mountains, they are unshakeable things that no matter the weather or the elements that surround them, they are still there as a strong structure, they are going nowhere. Maybe they are covered in snow, a white shield. guarded, but they're still ever so present. I like to think of myself as a mountain that's why I developed my favourite affirmation while looking at a picture of a mountain in my mind after a meditation I can't recall other than picturing myself as a mountain. I retained that bit that inspired:

I am Strong, I am Resilient, I am Grounded.

I like to write this affirmation, draw it, be with it while in times of stride and when I need extra help. I can't count how many time I've scribbled it onto a cue card or a napkin. It's my affirmation, it's my visualisation.

I remember the fact that I've been on to of Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada a few times through out my childhood and early teens but I can't exactly recall what that's like. I have vague memories of seeing the mountains of West Virginia when I was 13 on a drive down the east coast of the US to Florida. I hope one day I see MOUNTAINS not little things that are covered with trees. I want to be blown away by the mountain peak and the change of terrain. I bet you a few of my parts, and my self included, would probably cry at the site of the Canadian west coast. One day, I've got to stay alive to see it. One day.


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