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We have appeared as guests on two separate podcasts on different topics in 2018.

Speaking my truth, literally speaking, vs. writing, has been freeing and intimidating but we did these two and I'm extremely proud of us for doing so.

Here we speak about art and healing and about a local organisation we attend on a regular basis. It's a free art studio where anyone can make art for free, called The LivingRoom Community Art Studio. @LvngRmArt (twitter)

Here's the link to the episode:

Here we speak about our life as a queer trans system living with DID on The We In Me podcast, a podcast hosted by Erika and her parts.

@TheWeInMe (twitter)

Here's the link to the episode:

We enjoy doing podcasts, and would like to do more. Guest blog posts are also something we are very interested in, even more so than podcasts at this point in our recovery. Please DM on twitter @Onelilpill for enquiries.


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