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Here a collection of poetry written by us what we've posted via twitter over the last little bit. I find myself writing about a piece of art I make after I make it. Some have images some don't. Some I've put together because they fit the same theme or worked well together. Here we go:


All mixed up

Waking up

Again and again

As another

Rapid switching.

Everyone wanting their own time to rest.


Today is a new day.


Big decisions coming my way

Out of my control STOP

WAIT for signal

Panic to pass the time

Completely out of my hands

Worrying and day dreaming of plans

Too many feels,

I played my part

Tears, they can't even start

Flowing with gravity

Eyes only well up internally


Contemplating life.

A gift?

When it gives you lemons?

Soulless and orbiting another world

Don't let life slip away.

Life only accomplished with love?

Something so bright that it's already dead?

Keep growing?

From what? For what?

Contemplating life



Triggering word

An emblem on a shield for protection

Nobody get left behind

Except the black sheep

The queer mentally ill black sheep


Triggering word

Bound by open wounds


Way too many feels

I suppose everyone heals

When is our turn

Team work c'mon let's learn

Way too much emotion

Trying to live halfway forgetting the notion:

Fight, stay alive.


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