• Kevin & co.

Welcome to our system

We are Kevin & co. our system constitutes of:

Kevin - 25 - Genderless. Pansexual.

Host of our system, Loves art, listening to music and advocating for mental health

Bree - 25 - Cis Female - Pansexual.

Mom to our two youngest parts aka. the kids (Jennifer and Mouse)

Daniel - 25 - Cis Male - Homoflexible.

Takes no shit

Ed - Ageless / Genderless - Asexual -

Artificial intelligence sort of dude. Main protector of Kevin.

Cole - 17 - Trans Male - Asexual

Hyperfocuses on video games and likes to give self care advice to Kevin

Jennnifer - 6 - Female

Fun ball of energy, always bouncing

Mouse - 3 - Female

Left handed and is mute

We are sort of intertwined as a family. Mouse made a family tree with my help. I might post it later on when she's finished.

We are all part of the LGBTQ+ community. (The kids, Jennifer and Mouse, I consider to be part of the community because they are family with most of us. They are included only because of that. They don't have a very good concept of gender and know that relationships vary) We all have our individual identities. That being said, it's really tricky to manage everyone with their own gender identities and sexualities. We have our own wants and needs. It's tough living with 6 other people.

Thanks for reading my first blog post, I hope i can write more and show more art as time goes by.


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