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When DID & TRANS issues collide.

I am a trans man. I use he/him pronouns. I am a guy. I have been out as trans for about 6 years. I also as most of you know live with DID. Once I've opened up, and I explain my parts and who's in my system, they might get to know some of my parts, a lot of their very first questions revolve around this: ONE of my parts out of 8 (me included) is an adult female. The other 2 are little girls who think the concept of gender roles is super silly. (We taught them well). Anyways, point being myself, Kevin as well as Daniel, Drew, Cole, and Ed are male or masculine at least.THE top Kevin & co. question we get: "What about Bree (female part)? How does SHE feel about you transitioning?" I find this question to be very interesting. How does someone think that one of my parts feelings trump the feelings of the host, Kevin (who most people interact with) and 4 other parts' feelings?

The question that makes me very angry.

I know it comes out of curiosity. innocence, ignorance maybe?

That is my therapist's question to ask.

That is what we work out internally, as a team.

When DID and TRANS issues collide.

I'm upset because that question comes often and often first.

How do you think I feel, the person you knew to be one singular person this whole time, if you're questioning my identity? By "my" i mean the system's decisions to transition.

That question seems very transphobic and very misplaced in the sense that it feels like my feelings don't matter. How about asking how my experiences are as a trans man instead?

"How does Bree feel about hormones?"

I'm instantly disappointed.

"It's fine"


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