• Kevin & co.

When we don't feel.

In order for a borderline warrior like Kevin to survive, he sometimes needs to shut off.

Sometimes, Kevin needs me, Ed.

I find myself taking care of Kevin, acting like him. An electronic, logical carbon copy.

He sometimes doesn't even notice that I've swooped in.

He will know what's happening ... vaguely.

or get snap shots, literally snap shots in a shoe box type deal, that he has to put together with or without our help.

A Puzzle. We leave clues

Kevin has different levels of consciousness with us.

We're getting communicative with others as well as with each other and think about the whole system,

instead of solely our own individual needs.

We try to help out, This is how I help for now. I shut him out.

I stay cool calm collected

I can act as myself, what looks like a numb or emotionally detached version of Kevin

I am here to not over react, Kevin feels many emotions

I am rational, I am not dangerous no, I just look after Kevin the best way I can

I am not violent, I never have been. "Self" defence. Self, as in for Kevin

Taking emotional blow so that Kevin doesn't

I am artificial, man made, digital and tangible, machine, I know

Sole purpose is to hold a shield.

I leave you with my playlist of the kind of robot music I listen to:


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